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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ahhhhh...the lovely Memorial Library!

Welcome to the Memorial Library Media Center!

I decided to go back and revise my very first Blogger post as I was used to using another provider to blog. Since the learners at Memorial have considerable access to devices like Chromebooks and Ipads, we have chosen to use Blogger as our tool of choice with students. Like my students, I will embrace the new forum and blog more regularly using Blogger. So far it has been an easy transition and blogger is very easy to use, edit on and publish. Last year the process began and it's been an incredible year and a half of learning for all involved. 

I want to show you some of the space that we are so lucky to have in our new school building and how the LMC continues to evolve as a hub of the school and a place to come in and out of throughout the school day. Nothing makes me happier than when the kids come in and pick a quiet corner to record something they are working on or simply to research or read a book. 

Our circulation desk is bright and beautiful!
Our fiction section continues to grow weekly.
The E section of the library....picture books a plenty

Where the magic happens
Dyan, the penguin lady presented to grade 1 in the library last spring.

The MCBA nominees from last year...Massachusetts Childrens Books Award

Mrs. Floyd could not survive without the interactive Touch-it board!

We have 5 research stations.
chromebooks are another option for our learners

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