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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our awesome Tuesday volunteers!

I could not be doing the very creative lessons with Memorial students without the help of our trusty volunteers! We are very lucky to have family volunteers who help Mrs. Magliozzi and I in the library with so many different things. These smiling faces are Mrs. Chaudhari, Mrs. Parry and Mrs. Porter. My most favorite thing about them all is they come every visit with a smile on their face with a willingness to do whatever I ask them. This can range from shelving books, helping students find and check out book selections, Book Fair responsibilities, ...... Volunteers make the world go round! 

A MILLION THANK YOU's from me to you!

Friends and coworkers

The kids love to see Mrs Porter helping out!

Mrs. C shelving away!

Mrs. Parry is very efficient at the circ desk!

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  1. I love the blog Mrs Floyd!!! We do have a lot of fun on tuesdays...I look forward to seeing the kids smiling faces...:)


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