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Monday, January 13, 2014

The new year is cold! But I feel inspired....

It has been such a crazy beginning to 2014 and we received a wonderful gift of 20 more Samsung Chromebooks to enhance the great work integrating technology in an almost 1:1 environment. (Thank you, mrs. D for leading the way!) I feel extremely lucky to work with such fine educators who continuously try to become experts at so many different things at rapid speeds......
This brings me to my pledge to be a better blogger this year. I love what I am doing right now at the Memorial School. The learners come in every week excited to see what we will do. One student walked right in today and said "Mrs. Floyd, what will we discover today?" It MADE my day!

I promise to blog at least once a week and share in a digital way the awesome work that I'm lucky enough to do every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Memorial! Thank you to twitter for the reminder! 

Eric litwin writes a series of books about a crazy character Pete the cat who is over the top! I will write a future post on Pete and include some great links! Hold me to it! 

The Gruffalo is a great book that shows that small is mighty and the kids loved it.......we browsed and then moved onto the Chromebooks.......keep looking for!

Over the break, I spent a great deal of time scouring the internet hunting for free quality resources that can be used on a variety of devices. We currently have iPads for every 1st, 4th and 5th grader. Kindergarten and grades two and three currently share classroom carts. The LMC has 24 Samsung Chromebooks and a few iPod touches as well as iPads and desktop computers. We are so gifted to be able to provide such diversity in devices to help differentiate learning to best meet our students needs.

This week, I took all classes that it teach on the incredible free website give it a a+! Engaging, creative design created by teachers with students in mind. Kindergarten to grade five will enjoy this site. My crew at home experimented quite a bit and I still find something new and cool every time I visit. 

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